Our Sustainable Approach

The merino wool used to make our leakproof bras is sourced in Australia, in line with RSPCA guidelines, and is Responsible Wool Standard certified. Merino wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable and offers antimicrobial, odor-resistant, heat-regulating and absorbent properties. Our supplier regularly engages with local farmers and is committed to engineering products with minimal environmental impact by promoting responsible farming, and clean manufacturing of sustainable, natural fabrics.


Patented Leakproof Technology 
Milk Label is committed to producing comfortable, functional and enduring products. Our patented leakproof bras aim to empower breastfeeding people with the protection from leakage that has until now, been largely impossible without disposable breast pads. Washable, milk-absorbing bras offer a positive change that is better for the planet. 


Ethical Merino Wool

To maintain ethical harvesting of merino, our supplier guarantees that all wool is produced by farms that have ceased mulesing proceedures and works closely with farmers to ensure they abide by RSPCA guidelines and renewable farming practices.

The best thing? Wool is completely biodegradable.

How to care

Less Waste with Milk Label

Every little bit counts towards a greener future for our little ones. Now you can save on hundreds of disposable nursing pads by investing in a long lasting, consciously made Milk bra.

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