Milk Label was born by two mothers whose personal paths to motherhood illuminated the need for better support during pregnancy and postpartum. 

In early motherhood, they discovered that disposable breast pads didn’t feel particularly useful, comfortable or good for the planet.

Longing for something better, together they designed the bra that they needed: a bra that is supremely absorbent with soft, functional fabrics, fit for bodies in flux.

Our Story

The Essential Milk Bra is made in Australia using our patented fabrication, with layers of soft, moisture-wicking merino that hug an absorbent, flexible inner. In gentle shades of Cocoa, White, Almond and Black—our bras are easy-wearing and ethically made using environmentally-responsible materials. They’re engineered to be supportive, washable and completely leakproof.

Milk Label aims to empower people on their baby-feeding journey and beyond, and care for people during life’s tender moments. So we’ve started close to the heart, with a bra made to embrace women and celebrate life: the beautiful and the messy. 

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Sustainability Ethos

Milk Label is committed to producing comfortable, functional and enduring products. Our patented leakproof bras aim to empower breastfeeding people with the protection from leakage that has until now, been largely impossible without disposable breast pads. Washable, milk-absorbing bras offer a positive change that is better for the planet.

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A bra to embrace women and celebrate life: the beautiful and the messy.

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