How the Milk Bra Works

Our leakproof bra blends the natural benefits of merino wool with advanced fibre technology, to provide functional and durable protection from leaks. Against the skin, organic merino wicks milk away from the breast to be captured within the waterproof, engineered polyester interlining. Our fabrics are free from pthalates, BPA, PFOS and PFOA and have been safely treated using anti-microbial technology to ensure effective odour and bacteria control.


Patented Leakproof Technology
Milk Label is committed to producing comfortable, functional and enduring products. Our patented leakproof bras aim to empower breastfeeding people with the protection from leakage that has until now, been largely impossible without disposable breast pads. Washable, milk-absorbing bras offer a positive change that is better for the planet. 


Milk Label was created for bodies in flux and our leakproof bras are designed to be adaptable to changes in flow and size. The design is flexible and supportive to help you feed with ease.

Caring For Your Milk Bra

Our bras are easy to wear and easy to care for. 

Follow our simple steps for washing your Milk bra.

Care Guide