Music of Milk: Playlist 01

Introducing our first Playlist for Milk Label, Music of Milk: Playlist 01, with soft, happy tunes to boost your endorphins.

Photograph by Oni Blecher

Breastfeeding, especially in those early months, can feel lonely at times. Our emotions can feel overwhelming and sometimes we need a little pick-up to elevate our moods and minds.

So we created our first Music of Milk playlist, made for those early breastfeeding days, or any days when you want to put your phone down and sway to some happy tunes. With soft, upbeat melodies to lift your mood and bring a smile to your dial. Including songs by Aretha Franklin, Babeheaven and India Arie. Best enjoyed in the sunshine with a warm drink in hand to build up those endorphins.

Listen to it on Spotify, here